Doing great work for our clients is what we’re about. That, and having great working relationships, too.


Life’s too short for anything less, right? 

“I’ve worked closely with Barb Chandler for over a decade in a variety of situations and my experience has been consistently positive. Barb gets it. Strategically, creatively and measurably, it’s all there every time. I’ve recommended Barb in the past and would do it again today in a heartbeat.”
Don Wells, Creative Services Director, KGTV-TV/San Diego

“Barb’s powerful copy was a refreshing take on our existing direct mail campaigns. She was organized, pleasant and a total professional throughout the process. We have had many positive comments, and more important, good results from the campaign. We will happily call on her services again for future projects.”
Angela Titus, VP, Marketing & Brand Strategy, United Way of San Diego County

“My company has broadcast clients worldwide and Barb does an amazing job of understanding the media business from the international side. She has an excellent grasp of the big picture and communicates very effectively with a diverse global audience. I highly recommend her.”
Alexandre LeClerc, CEO, Astucemedia, Montreal

“Experience, experience and experience. Barb knows her stuff and will stop at nothing to see that the finished product is clear, effective and moving. She’s got strong visual sensibilities and is a truly fantastic writer. There are no shortcuts with Barb. Her work ethic is refreshing in today’s environment.”
Kelly Hackney, Producer/Director, Creative Media, The CW Television Network, Los Angeles

“Barb has been a critical strategic partner in Eagle’s expansion. She’s honed our brand, focused our marketing, and guided our creative. Barb provided vision, focus and creative direction for our new and vastly improved website and wrote some darn good copy for a site we’re all proud of.
Amy Blum, President, Eagle Marketing, San Diego

“Barb is the only writer I have ever hired whose work I did not have to edit. The video she created for me is the best we’ve ever had. Her copy was clean, fresh, inviting and relevant with no hype or fluff…just good solid marketing copy. I can pay no higher compliment.”
Rick Barrera, CEO Overpromise, Inc, San Diego

“In the day to day running of a creative firm, we don’t always have the time to focus on promotional copy, press releases, or brand strategy. Having Barb Chandler on our team keeps us on message, her TV experience and creative writing skills are invaluable.”
Dan Devlin, CEO/Creative Director, Devlin Design Group, Scottsdale

“Barb is a full service copywriter – she digs into the product and serves up great copy for our email blasts each week!”
Linda Granger, Creative Services Director, Bay News 9 Tampa

“Barb Chandler is one of the most creative and inspirational professionals I have ever worked with; I’m always impressed with her. Her creativity is endless; her patience incredible. She is dedicated, honest, hard working, thoughtful, insightful, and an all around great person. I highly recommend Barb.”
Champagne Luu, Director of Marketing and Promotions, KFMB Stations

  • “Barb is an extremely talented writer. She finds out what's unique about a person or story and really sells it creatively. She does her homework, knows her audience, and directs her message toward them in unique and smart ways."
    Tiffany Parker, Executive Producer, NBC San Diego

    “Barb has a unique talent for creative writing and has helped us with many projects. She’s fun to work with and we look forward to many more!”
    Randy Wachtler, President & CEO, 615 Music, Nashville

    “Barb’s an expert in creating effective, attention-getting campaigns – from working in the trenches to serving as creative director. Her creative talent, marketing savvy and out-of-the-box thinking enhances every project she’s involved in. Her customer-focused approach and strategic solutions always hit the mark.”
    Kate McCarthy, Principal, Studio M Visual Communications, San Diego

    “Barb is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with in the television business and I highly recommend her for any creative project. As Creative Services Director, Barb managed TV promotions, Community Affairs and Graphics very efficiently and was very well liked by her staff.”
    Elyse Sensabaugh, Programming Manager, KFMB TV, San Diego

    “I was introduced to Barbara in 2007 and since then VDO has hired her services for many assignments. What a pleasure to work with. Great writer, planner, and big picture person. Highly recommend!”
    Dianne Streyer, CEO, VDO, St. Petersburg, FL

    “Barb’s intelligent, capable, and dedicated. She can accomplish anything, under any circumstances, and do it with style and grace.”
    Christy Day, Promotions Producer, KFMB-TV, San Diego

    “Barb, aka Promobabe, has a true gift for finding the voice of her clients and creating compelling, straightforward copy that reaches its audience. She always delivers content that sells, on budget and on time. We feel lucky to have such an incredible resource for our clients.”
    Kristen Panebianco, Program Manager, Eagle Marketing, San Diego

    “Barb is not only a professional mentor for me, she is a trusted friend. Barb can manage as many projects (and people) as you throw at her, all in an organized fashion and with impressive results. She is an asset to any team.”
    Christine Vargas, Senior Promotion Producer, KFMB-TV, San Diego

    “Barb is a talented and driven person. I was amazed at the breadth of projects she's been involved in and the seemingly endless creativity she possessed. I often use Barb’s thirty-second animation in my Advanced Flash class because it's an excellent example of wit and creativity.”
    Victor M. Campos, Founder, VmC Ink/Instructor, Southwestern Community College, San Diego