Mad for Mobile

July 8th, 2011

Boomers remember the boom in broadcast TV. Gen X’ers witnessed the catapult in cable. The Millennium generation heralds the explosion in mobile.

Thanks to the sweep of cell phones (80% of the population), rapidly being traded for smart phones (currently about 31% of the population), mobile marketing is poised to grow faster than any other medium in the last 90 years.

A recent study by Borrell Associates sees fundamentals in place for mobile that will boost its trajectory over the next five years beyond what broadcast TV reached in the 1950s and the Internet reached in the late 1990s.

More than any other medium in history, mobile is capturing new users at a dizzying rate — which means unprecedented opportunities for mobile marketers. Check out these powerful stats:

  • Text-based coupons are the fastest-growing, easiest-to-implement mobile marketing app. Redemption rates for mobile coupons are an astounding ten times that of direct mail or newspaper coupons.
  • Last year, online marketing helped businesses capture $44 billion in consumer spending; mobile marketing grabbed $2.7 billion of that. Mobile marketing is predicted to grow an impressive 84% per year, and hit $57 billion in consumer spending by 2014.
  • The study expects “local” online advertising to grow at an even faster pace, doubling in volume every year for the next three years. In 2009, local mobile advertising totaled $285 million; by 2014, it’s forecasted to spike to $11.3 billion.

Captivating Creative

Clearly, mobile marketing will continue to be a major force in marketing. Which means captivating them with good creative is critical for savvy sellers. But creating content for mobile isn’t the same as content for the desktop. Some key points when creating mobile marketing campaigns:

  • Think Twitter: Short, sweet and to the point. Think of your own mobile screen, or those of your friends or kids. Not a lot of real estate, right? Remembering that reality will help you create concise, memorable messages.
  • Be Up Front: Put your key message right up front. Use strong headlines that clearly state what you want your customers to know right now about your products or services.
  • Cut Content to the Bone: You’ve got about two seconds before customers decide whether to connect with you — or click away. Pick one (and only one) clear, simple and strong message — and don’t muddle it with more content.
  • Put it to the Test: Have friends, colleagues and (especially) those outside your industry take a look at your mobile campaign. Do they get it? Would they buy it? Other helpful (and free!) tools include Google Website Optimizer or A/B testing tools to test two (or more) versions of your copy. Remember, ’tis far better to test — than regret!

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